El Paller del Roc

The Paller de Roc de Montesclado, in the Farrera valley: 5 km of mountain road that rises up to 1180 meters high, twelve and a half inhabitants, a lot of nature and no store is what you will find here, with spectacular views of the valley and tons of tranquility.

It is an old barrel completely renovated in 2007, named already in 1860 but much older, whose original structure has been preserved with wood, slate and thick stone walls, in a beautiful and charming millennium village .

The traditional, quality and unpretentious cuisine is the other important protagonist: we will ask you to trust us, because we offer a unique menu, made with natural ingredients and seasonal, almost everything done at home.

Due to our location and environment, we recommend that you stay with us, notify us in advance, and especially tell us if you have any special requirements such as allergies, intolerances ...

It is important that you notify us of any request with sufficient time, be it the jaquzzi, the dinners or activities so we can offer you a better service.

We try to have a close deal that makes El Paller de Roc an ideal place to fill your stay in a relaxed atmosphere.

Where to sleep Type of accommodation Hotels & guesthouses Rate * (1 star) Municipality Farrera

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