Casa Currona

From our houses you can take excursions to the highest peak in Catalonia, hiking and many other activities. The village of Àreu is one of the charming villages in the unique spaces of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, where the tranquility and the good coexistence with the surroundings reign.

You can visit the sawmill and Molí Foriner d'Àreu, several Romanesque elements, Pla de Boet, the Pica viewpoint, Pla de la Selva, high mountain excursions in Andorra for Tor and many others.

Casa Currona
Casa Currona, an old restored house ideal for peaceful escapes. It is spacious and cozy, it is decorated with great care, with family service. They are two Aris (independent rural accommodation), of three rooms each, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

Open all year.

Where to sleep Type of accommodation Rural Lodging Municipality Alins

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