Pallars Sobirà

festivals and traditions

El Pallars Sobirà has been traditionally a farming and cattle breeding county. Thus, it meant that all festivities and celebrations, until very recently, followed a basic cycle. Firstly, the gatherings were celebrated in May, Secondly, before shearing and marking the herds and flocks to be sent away to the high mountains for the summer. Thirdly, the fairs opened the autumn season, at the time when the livestock came down from the mountains. The main feast took place during the winter because there was hardly any work then, etc. from some years, the village feasts have been relocated in the summer, when the income of visitors is at its highest, but some of the winter fairs have been lost.

On the other hand, following the liturgical calendar, the main celebrations would be Carnival (including the cooking of calderades, the Parade and the delicious farcit de Carnaval). Easter is also very much renowned (including the outdoor meals of the different colles) and, of course, Christmas, the family gathering.

Finally, the celebration that is traditionally associated to the summer's arrival, the popular falles d'Isil and falles d'Alins (burning logs carried down from the mountaintop to the main square of the village of Isil and Alins), and many other festivities related to sports, culture and specific events of the county's folk: the gastronomic and the kayaking rallies, some associations parties, etc.

festes i tradicions del Pallars Sobirà
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Consell Comarcal del Pallars Sobirà, Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia i Pesca, Departament de Governació i Administracions Públiques, Programa Interreg III-A Espanya-França