A foot on each bank

Route of the Medieval Bridges of La Vall de Cardós

Start point: Ribera de Cardós
Finish point: Lladorre
Route: Ribera de Cardós - Cassibrós - Ainet de Cardós - Arrós de Cardós - Pont de Lladrós - Lladorre
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Slope: 100 m
Distance: 9,92 Km
Grade: Easy


Circular: No

Map and topographic profile:

By car: From Llavorsí, on the C-13 road, take the L-504 to Ribera de Cardós.

Description: A flat and fairly straight itinerary, accessible to all ages. It traces the course of the river, inviting hikers get refreshed if the weather is fine.

Some advice: Take into account that the itinerary does not begin at the same point where it starts, so the way back should be carefully planned.

Of special interest: Medieval bridges, Romanesque architecture, amazing views, typologies of village construction.

Suggestion: From Arrós de Cardós, walk up to Esterri de Cardós and from there, down to El Pont de Lladrós. You must add 45 min. to the basic itinerary.

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Trails Easy Medium (between 7 and 15 km) Walks & hikes Natural Park Vall de Cardós Lladorre Esterri de Cardós

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