Pallars Sobirà, a home to endangered species

The valleys and mountains of Pallars Sobirà host a spectacular untouched wildlife which found that this part of the Pyrenees was a perfect home to live peacefully in an environment of great natural value. Many species that have disappeared in the rest of Catalonia still survive in many hidden corners of those valleys of Alt Pirineu.

High mountain areas are home to rock ptarmigans, white weasels and chamois, the most emblematic species of the Pyrenees. While walking through the high mountain forests, you will probably hear some woodpecker drilling the trunk of a tree, the mating show of a wood grouse or the owl song filling the night with mystery.

When the sun rises, the greenest meadows start welcoming roe deer, fallow deer and common deer that leave the forest to graze fresh grass in the light of dawn. The stone martens and the pine martens go out of their lair and the foxes get prepared to hunt the preys that will feed them for the day, while the wild boars dig the ground of the forests to find the tastiest roots.

In the most remote and isolated areas of the high mountains, you may find the only brown bears in Catalonia, looking for cherries, hazelnuts and honey to put on weight before hibernation time in order to overcome a deep lethargy while the snow will cover it all. Then, with the melting snow, the plentiful crystal clear rivers and ponds start getting filled with trouts, white-throated dippers and a few elusive otters that hide not to be seen, while the blue skies are sprinkled with vultures, eagles and bearded vultures that glide in circles looking for some prey.

Come and enjoy nature at its wildest!

Location map Pallars Sobirà