Pallars Sobirà, where the landscape speaks

Walking through the landscapes of Pallars Sobirà is real time travel. The steep peaks of the mountains, the fantastic glacial valleys and the imposing rock walls are a living heritage of ancient seas, rivers and deserts. The shapes and colors of the rocks give life to a scenery that tells us about the origin of the Pyrenees.

The landscape reflects all the transformations that have taken place throughout the years, from the glaciations that shaped the valleys to more recent times, in which several hydropower plants were built. The power of the water of the rivers have carved curious shapes when flowing downstream, while agriculture and livestock farming have benefitted from the most fertile areas in order to be able to live off of the hard and complex land.

Many of the remote spots of the region are only accessible on foot. Those places are still synonymous with the peace, calmness and tranquillity of untouched nature. The highest mountains, such as Pica d’Estats –the highest in Catalonia–, are perfect lookouts to admire a fantastic landscape that combines past and present.

Come and feel the vastness of the landscape!