El Pallars Sobirà, el pulmó verd de Catalunya

Almost all Pallars Sobirà is covered with trees, scrubs, bushes and flowers. The many protected areas that host a vegetation of great ecological value turn the region into the largest green lung in Catalonia.

The valleys are plenty of hayfields and river woodlands, which take the courses of the rivers and represent the best places to be protected from the sun in summer and to enjoy the range of beautiful colours in autumn. By contrast, the sides of the mountains are permanently covered with the intense green of holm oaks, pine trees and oaks that hold on tight to earth and rock.

The thickness of the pine and beech tree forests makes that the sunlight gets biasedly into the wood, creating a magic atmosphere in which only the sound of the water from the streams and the birdsongs can be heard. The open areas of the high mountains are covered with grass that, once the snow is melted, gets intensely green and filled with cows, sheep and horses in search of fresh pasture.

Come and breath pure air!

Vegetació Pallars Sobirà
Location map Pallars Sobirà