La Noguera Pallaresa, waters that are full of life

The river Noguera Pallaresa is the backbone of Pallars Sobirà. It crosses the region from north to south, from its mouth in the high mountains to the idyllic green valleys, flowing through narrow gorges amid rock walls.

The Noguera Pallaresa hosts different water species such as otters, trouts and white-throated dippers. As it receives the waters from other streams and torrents that flow into it, its flow rate becomes stronger and stronger; a reason why it is one of the best rivers to practice white-water sports on rapids.

Rafting Noguera pallaresa

The 5 unmissable sites

Noguera Pallaresa flows into Pallars Sobirà through Bonabé Valley


Fancy enjoying the quietest part of the Noguera?

A bit after its source in the plain of Beret, the river Noguera Pallaresa flows into Pallars Sobirà through Bonabé Valley, a wonderful area surrounded by high mountains and delightful landscapes. In summer, the grasslands get filled with cows and horses, which make way to a blanket of snow during almost the whole winter. This first section is the quietest and most unhurried part of the river.

Escalarre swamp

Escalarre swamp

What about relaxing at Escalarre swamp?

Before flowing down fast and vigorously, the river Noguera Pallaresa calms a bit in Escalarre swamp, a wonderful wetland with crystal clear and relaxing waters that hosts different vegetal and animal species of a great natural value.

Confluence Noguera Pallaresa with la Noguera de Cardós in llavorsí

Confluence with la Noguera de Cardós

Have you experienced the power of the river yet?

Just in the old town of Llavorsí, the river Noguera Pallaresa receives the waters from the Noguera de Cardós, which in turn receives the waters from the Noguera de Vallferrera a bit upstream, which makes the river get fast-flowing. This point is the beginning of the navigable section of the river, where a series of white-water sports are practiced.

Les vernedes, sort

Les vernedes (alder forest)

How about strolling amid an alder forest?

After flowing through Sort, the river Noguera Pallaresa reaches the area of Les Vernedes (Alder Forests), in which the valley gets wider and filled with fields. The area rhymes with peace and tranquility. A welcoming and shady environment where you can enjoy the river and its constant water flow.

Collegats canyon

Collegats canyon

Fancy walking amid high rock walls?

Before leaving Pallars Sobirà and entering Pallars Jussà, the river Noguera Pallaresa flows down through Collegats canyon. The river makes its way through high rock walls and deep ravines that turn the place into a fantastic natural show, where the power of the water contrasts with the steepness of the mountains.