National Park, touching the sky

Imagine a landscape with high mountains, crystal clear waters and luxuriant forests… This is Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park …

This is the only national park in Catalonia, whose singular high mountain landscape is orchestrated by water: more than 200 glacial lakes reflect the shapes of the wonderful snow-capped mountains that merge with the sky. All the streams, torrents and waterfalls fill the whole park with the relaxing sound of water.

high mountains, crystal clear waters and luxuriant forests

The 6 unmissable sites

Encantats Peak

Sant Maurici lake and Encantats

Ready to take a picture of Sant Maurici Lake and Encantats Peak?

Sant Maurici Lake with Encantats Peak in the background is definitely the most emblematic image of the National Park and one of most famous picture-postcard views in the Catalan Pyrenees. In summer, the aggressive side of Encantats’ rock contrasts with the peace of the waters of the lake, whereas in winter, the white snow offers a completely uniform landscape. Any season of the year will allow you to enjoy a great photogenic scenery.

Amitges Needles

Agulles d’Amitges

Have you seen Amitges Needles yet?

After Sant Maurici Lake and Encantats Peak, the Agulles d’Amitges (Amitges Needles) are probably the second most famous spot in the National Park. In a kind of lunar environment characterized by rock and by scarce vegetation, two impressive high needles stand out as the survivors of a time when ice was covering it all.

Portarró d'Espot

Portarró d’Espot

Come on, Portarró d’Espot is waiting for you!

Portarró d’Espot is the intersection of the two main sectors of the National Park: Espot valley and Sant Nicolau valley. Located at 2,428 metres above sea level, this place is a unique lookout of the park that allows you to enjoy incredible views of the area.

Mata de València forest

Mata de València forest

Do you want to plunge into a magic forest?

Mata de València is the largest pine forest in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the few places where endangered wood grouses can still be heard. The magic that is created when the sunlight gets through the high branches of the pine trees takes you to a fantastic world of tales and legends.

Peguera Valley

Peguera Valley

What are you waiting for? Go for the route through Peguera valley!

Peguera valley is a quiet area orchestrated by the sound of the river that flows down to Espot. If you follow the river upstream, you will get to the mouth of the valley and discover a wild scenery sprinkled with wonderful glacial lakes. Surrounded by pointed mountains, Tort and Negre lakes and their deep waters are the largest lakes in the area.

Mainera lakes

Mainera lakes

Do you fancy discovering an unexplored part of the park?

Located at the mouth of Àssua Valley, Mainera lakes are synonymous with peace and tranquillity. The blue water of the three lakes stands out amid the green colour of the surrounding mountains and pasturelands. The landscape of Mainera lakes is a must that allows you to discover the park from an unknow point of view.