Muntains and tradition

Imagine a place where nature and tradition mix in an incredible environment. This is Alt Pirineu Natural Park, the largest in Catalonia.

This extensive protected area hosts high peaks, deep valleys and glacial lakes together with traditional activities and historical heritage. From the top of Pica d’Estats to the valley of the river Noguera Pallaresa, the park is full of genuine Pyrenean spots that are home to many endangered species.

The 7 unmissable sites

Virós forest

Don’t you know the secrets of Virós forest yet?

Virós forest is one of the most emblematic spots in Alt Pirineu Natural Park that combines historical heritage and valuable nature. If you stroll deep into the forest, you may come across deer, chamois and wood grouses, an endangered species that lives amid the trees of the woods.

Noarre barns

Come and discover Noarre’s barns!

Noarre barns are a wonderful place to travel through time and to find out about the traditional lifestyle of the Pyrenean people. In summer, those ancient constructions used to keep hay for the livestock and to turn into really lively villages. In Noarre, all that past remains untouched.

Coma de Burg

Fancy going for a walk through Burg glacial valley?

Coma de Burg is a high and wide glacial valley whose traditional activity is carried out in a very valuable natural environment, which make out a unique variety of landscapes: luxuriant forests, hayfields, grasslands, barns and picturesque villages. This oasis of peace and tranquillity rhymes with pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Comes de Rubió

Have you already taken a panoramic photo from Orri?

Rubió is the highest village in Catalonia. Its glacial valleys form a wonderful scenery of grasslands and forests located in the southern slope of Torreta de l’Orri, the summit that overlooks the southern area of Alt Pirineu Natural Park and allows the visitors to admire a unique view of all the region of Pallars Sobirà, from the Pyrenees and even further, to the shape of Montserrat mountain range, on clear days.

Certascan lake

Come and discover the largest lake in the Pyrenees!

Certascan is the largest and one of the deepest glacial lakes in the Catalan Pyrenees. It is located in a high mountain territory that is mainly composed of grasslands and rock that contrast with the dark blue color of its waters. The whole makeup, a typical image of the Pyrenees.

Escalarre swamp

What about relaxing at Escalarre swamp?

Before flowing down fast and vigorously, the river Noguera Pallaresa calms a bit in Escalarre swamp, a wonderful wetland with crystal clear and relaxing waters that hosts different vegetal and animal species of a great natural value.

Pica d’Estats

Have you ever reached the top of Catalonia?

The emblematic Pica d’Estats is the highest peak in Pallars Sobirà and Catalonia. Located at 3,143 metres above sea level, it is an iconic ascent for any Catalan hiker. In winter, it gets completely covered with snow and ice. In summer, the white blanket is replaced by rock.