Most villages of the valleys of Pallars Sobirà have implemented a door-to-door waste collection system. This means that there are no containers in the streets any more (these only remain in some high mountain villages, far from the main roads). The door-to-door waste collection is carried out according to a specific calendar that states which day a concrete waste is collected at your house.

If you stay at some tourist place and have any doubt, ask the people in charge about how waste has to be managed.

If you stay at a vacation house or tourist apartment, you will have to manage waste just like any other resident, that means taking out your specific waste in specific containers (brown for organic waste and grey for the rest) according to the above-mentioned calendar.

Calendari porta a porta

Waste and Recycling Centres

The region hosts two Waste and Recycling Centres (in Sort and Esterri d’Àneu) you can go to in case of need and to get the kit for selective collection (buckets, compostable bags, fabric bags for recycling, …).

In case of doubt or incident, phone the Citizen Service: (+34) 609028572.

Deixalleria Sort