Experience new sensations in Pallars Sobirà

Fancy experiencing strong feelings? Just come to Pallars Sobirà and discover all the activities that will boost your body and make you live some unforgettable experiences. If you like water in motion, come and try rafting, kayaking, water-sledging and canyoning on the river Noguera Pallaresa, one of the best white-water region in Europe. And if you prefer peaceful waters, go for canoeing, paddle surfing or fishing.

If water is not really your scene, just choose from the many activities you can enjoy in dry conditions: trekking, climbing, mountain-biking, horse-riding, 4×4 … And if you enjoy running, what about taking part in one of the summer races that are held in summer?


Water activities

Canyoning | The most intrepid one

Barrancs al Pallars Sobirà

Have you ever been in the heart of a mountain? Canyoning will allow you to reach inaccessible spots and discover everything they hide: singular wildlife, rocks carved by water, inhospitable areas, … An adventure for the most intrepid visitors that mixes emotion, adrenaline and nature.

Hydrospeed | A water experience from within

Hisdrospeed a la Noguera pallaresa

If you like adrenaline and water, you must come and try water sledging in Pallars Sobirà. Equipped with a protective board, you will flow downstream pushed by the power of the stream and feel part of the river Noguera Pallaresa. If you want to live an adventure into the water that rhymes with steady emotion, water sledging is the best option!

Rafting | Let yourself be swept away by the power of the river

Ràfing a la Noguera Pallaresa

Feel the water on your face while paddling energetically down the white waters of the river Noguera Pallaresa. Navigate through narrow passages between stone walls, avoid obstacles, and get ready for the curves of the river. Very few experiences will give you such a rush of adrenaline as rafting in Pallars Sobirà! Come and feel the power of the river with any of the local rafting centers.

Kayaking | Take a paddle and flow downstream

Piragüisme al llac de la guingueta

If you like navigating on peaceful waters, the sound of the paddle when it goes into the water to get propelled is the only sound you will hear once kayaking on the shimmering surface of Torrassa Lake. But if you prefer water in motion, just paddle down the wonderful Noguera Pallaresa and enjoy the river like never before.

Pesca al Pallars Sobirà

Fishing | Take your fishing rod and wait patiently

APallars Sobirà is full of lakes, rivers and streams. With so many water areas, it’s quite easy to find a place where to fish. Whether in calm or white waters, you will always need the corresponding fishing license. Don’t hesitate and go for the trouts, goat fish and other species that hide in the waters of Pallars Sobirà.

Land activities

Mountain biking | Explore nature pedalling

BTT al Pallars Sobirà

Have you ever imagined cycling through fascinating landscapes? The large amount of natural sites you can see in Pallars Sobirà makes it easy to enjoy nature by bike; a means of transport that allows you to reach wonderful high mountain spots and that does neither pollute nor alter the natural environment. The best way to combine physical activity and pleasures of nature.

Much more than running | Much more than running

Curses de muntanya al Pallars Sobirà

Do you like running? If so, don’t let the opportunity of taking part in some of the mountain races held in Pallars Sobirà, as they are much more than running: the authenticity of the villages you will cross, the wonder of the landscapes and the quality of the environment will allow you to make the most of that unforgettable experience runners may not miss.

Horse-riding | Enjoy nature peacefully

Excursions a cavall

Go on horseback, have a ride through idyllic landscapes and live nature in all its essence. The direct contact with horses will make you feel part of nature and will take you to ancient times, when all the long journeys used to be done on horseback. Horses are undoubtedly beautiful and courteous animals. Horse-riding is one of the most genuine experiences you can live in Pallars Sobirà.

Climbing | A high-level adventure


If you like climbing, Pallars Sobirà offers a wide range of possibilities. The steep mountain relief of the region is perfect for height lovers, who will definitely enjoy a fantastic adventure. If you have never tried it, just hire the services of any local company, which will lend you all the equipment you need to enjoy climbing in totally safe conditions.

Parcs d’aventura | Diversió per a totes les edats

parc Aventura

Tirolines, ponts penjants, passarel·les d’arbre en arbre… Els parcs d’aventura són una molt bona opció per passar una estona divertida i gaudir del bosc d’una manera diferent. Tant si ets un adult com un infant, gaudiràs amb les propostes que trobaràs als parcs d’aventura del Pallars Sobirà.

Quad | For motorsports lovers


If you like motorsports, get on a quad and discover Pallars Sobirà in a different way. This vehicle will allow you to reach secret places and to enjoy fascinating landscapes, hearing the sound of the engine while crossing tracks and ascending mountains. Top-exciting moments for motorsports lovers guaranteed!


4×4 | Incredible landscapes

If you like both speed and adventure, there is nothing like the 4×4 trips! Explore remote spots, enjoy incredible panoramic views and feel the roar of the engine when riding up the mountain. An adventure for the most intrepid, aimed at discovering the nature of Pallars Sobirà at full speed.

Tir amb arc al Pallars Sobirà

Other activities

There is much more! Activities to suit all tastes

Pallars Sobirà offers an endless amount of activities. If climbing, canyoning, fishing, kayaking and rafting are not enough, just choose other options offered by the local companies such as bungee jumping, archery, inflatable canoe, paintball, paddle surf, climbing wall, … If you look for it, you will always find the activity that best suits you!