Enjoy the pleasures of snow in Pallars Sobirà

If you like snow, the region of Pallars Sobirà is an ideal destination. Take your equipment and come and enjoy the pleasures of snow in any of the ski resorts. Apart from Alpine skiing, you will also have the opportunity to go cross-country skiing, snowboarding, freestyle skiing and ski mountaineering. If you come with your family, the ski resorts also have specific areas for kids that allow them to enjoy the pleasures of snow.

If you prefer walking on the snow rather than gliding on it, snowshoeing is a perfect way to enjoy nature at your own pace. And if you do it with a guide, you will be amazed by the magic spots of the wintery forest.

Activitats de neu Pallars Sobirà


Activitats de neu Pallars Sobirà

Alpine skiing. Ski slopes for all levels

The best snow to glide down. Ski slopes for all levels

Si t’agrada l’esquí més tradicional, el Pallars Sobirà és la teva If you like traditional skiing, Pallars Sobirà is the perfect destination. The region hosts 4 ski resorts where you can practice Alpine skiing on top-quality snow in a unique natural environment. The resorts are located very close to each other and offer all the services you need to make your snow experience unforgettable.

Activitats de neu Pallars Sobirà

Cross-country skiing

The best routes to enjoy the pleasures of cross-country skiing. Go skiing with unique views

If Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing are your favourite disciplines, Pallars Sobirà will allow you to make the most of them. Tavascan and Virós-Vallferrera resorts offer you a series of cross-country skiing itineraries. Both facilities are inside Alt Pirineu Natural Park and offer unique views of the surroundings.

Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering

Endless possibilities for ski mountaineering lovers. A host of ski mountaineering itineraries

The possibilities offered in Pallars Sobirà for ski mountaineering are both varied and fantastic. As ski mountaineering is practiced in off-piste areas, it involves some risk that you are supposed to accept once you decide to go for the activity.

However, Tavascan ski resort has some high mountain routes as well as a team of avalanche experts who offer continual advice. Virós-Vallferrera resort also offers a series of ski mountaineering routes and the Centre Trail Running dels Pirineus, in Espot, has a 3.9-km vertical training trail that is physically and virtually marked.

Activitats de neu Pallars Sobirà

Snow groomer

Discover the ski resorts from a different point of view. Enjoy the snow on caterpillar tracks

Tavascan ski resort has a new snow groomer, the Snow Retrac, whose 8-passenger cabin allows to go for landscape and didactic routes around the resort in which you can enjoy some fantastic views of natural sites, like the ones from Corbiu lookout, among others. During all the route, a skilled guide will give you extra information so that you can know all about the untouched spots of Alt Pirineu Natural Park.

Snow parks

Snow parks

Specific areas to feel a rush of adrenaline on the snow

If you want to feel a rush of adrenaline on the snow, just go to the Snowpark! In Port Ainé Ski Resort, the snow park is located at 2,200 metres above sea level, north facing, with excellent snow. It has three lines of different difficulty levels and offers a good progression as well as several alternatives that help you evolving in an optimal way. Apart from that, Tavascan resort has created a new ecological snow park made of wood for freestyle lovers.

Activitats a la neu Pallars Sobirà

Playful parks

Enjoy yourself!

If you like snow but skiing or snowshoeing is not really your scene, you can also enjoy the pleasures of snow in the playful parks of the ski resorts. In Espot Esquí and Port Ainé resorts, the playful parks have sledging slopes, tubbing slopes, adventure tracks, disc golf zones and snow gardens for the youngest of the family.



Waymarked snowshoeing routes. The best way to walk on the snow

SIf you want to enjoy the pleasures of snow without putting any skis on, just go snowshoeing! Pallars Sobirà hosts a wide range of waymarked snowshoeing itineraries located in different sites: Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, Alt Pirineu Natural Park and the surroundings of the ski resorts. The parks offer a programme of snowshoeing hikes aimed at discovering the area or you can opt for the services of a professional local guide. If you don’t have any snowshoes, you can rent some at the ski resorts, in the local sports shops or at Espot’s National Park Visitor Centre (Casa del Parc Nacional).

AVD Camp

AVD Camp

Training on Avalanche Victim Detection

If you want to train for rescuing avalanche victims, Tavascan ski resort has a specific site for practicing where anyone who need to train on avalanche victim detection can do it using the research protocols and AVD devices (Avalanche Victim Detector).


Natural experiencies

Find out about the secret’s nature, hides in the snow. When nature is dormant

If you love nature and snow, Pallars Sobirà is the perfect mix. The extensive protected areas of the region are ideal to explore nature when it is dormant under the winter snow. Apart from the waymarked itineraries, the region also offers a wide range of guided activities that are carried out by professional guides: identification of animal tracks in the snow, wildlife watching, discovery of local heritage, astronomy, traditional professions, local gastronomy, photography, … If you want to know all about the nature activities offered in snow time, check the programme of Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park and of Alt Pirineu Natural Park.

5 ski resorts to make the most of the snow

Come skiing in Pallars Sobirà

Pallars Sobirà has become a premium winter destination. In less than 30 minutes, you can reach no less than 5 ski resorts which offer a wide range of activities to make the most of the snow: Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, snowshoeing, … In Pallars Sobirà, the possibilities to enjoy winter are infinite!

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