Let yourself be seduced by the historical and cultural heritage of Pallars Sobirà

Fancy travel through time? The authenticity of the stone-built villages, with their slate roofs and wooden balconies, will take you on a trip to the very origins of the region. The large amount of little chapels, Romanesque bridges and castles sprinkled all over the region represent a very valuable heritage that has been preserved throughout the centuries, you won’t help to be seduced by.

Plunge into the culture of Pallars Sobirà in any of the local museums and historical sites. Revive the splendour of medieval times in the castles and guard towers. Find out about how iron and salt were extracted in Ferrera Valley and Gerri de la Sal, respectively. Discover the impact of the Spanish Civil War in the sites dedicated to historical memory and see how the traditional products of the region are made.

Small village in the pallars sobira