A world of legends

Revive the splendour of medieval times through the castles and guard towers that are spread all over the region. Located in strategic places, the castles and towers used to control the territories from above the hills they were built on and to keep an eye on the entrances of the main valleys.

If you decide to go to some castles or towers of the region, you will be impressed by the breathtaking landscapes and feel part of a world of medieval legends, counts and countesses, fights, dynasties, …

A good way to find out about the local heritage and enjoy nature!

Come and visit our castles and guard towers

Castells del Pallars Sobirà

Gilareny castle

The remains of Gilareny Castle are located on top of a little hill overlooking the Noguera Pallaresa Valley, near the village of Llavorsí. It was the last bastion of Pallars county. The date of its construction is unknown.

Lladorre castle

Lladorre Castle is on top of a small hill, near the end of the valley and of the river Noguera de Cardós, in front of the village of Lladorre. It dates back to the Middle Age, but its exact date of construction is unknown.

Llort castle

Llort Castle allows you to admire a unique view of Àneu Valley, with Torrassa Dam in the middle. Located on a high steep hill, it used to be a key defensive site of the ancient Pallars county.

Malmercat castle

Malmercat Castle is situated in the village of the same name, among the houses that were built over and around it. Its remains are a clear evidence of its medieval past.

Rialp castle

Located on a strategic spot, Rialp Castle offers good views of both the village of Rialp and the valley. As it controlled the passage towards the upper part of Pallars and Àssua valley, it used to play a key role.

Sort castle

Sort Castle was Pallars Counts’residence. As it was built on top of the old town of Sort, its remaining windows allow you to enjoy a nice view of the village and the surroundings.

Tavascan castle

Tavascan Castle is located on top of a little hill north of the village, at 1,212 metres above sea level. It dates back to the 12th century and has undergone some excavations works recently.

València d’Àneu castle

València d’Àneu Castle overlooks Esterri d’Àneu plain, between Noguera Pallaresa Valley and the river Bonaigua. This beautiful place allows you to enjoy unique views of the region.

Cal Coix tower

This imposing square tower located in the village of Alins is attached to the huge ancestral home of Castellarnau family, which served as prison of Ferrera Valley until 1670.

Colomers tower

This circular tower is situated in the village of Peramea (12th-13th centuries).

Colomar de les Bruixes tower

This tower located in the village of Alins is in good conditions. It was used as a dovecote and a guard tower and offers a great view of Alins.

Guillem tower

Casa Guillem’s Tower is a symbol of the village of Alins. Built in the Middle Age, this medieval tower was then used as a dovecote.

Prison tower

This ancient fortified tower is located in the upper part of the village of Gerri de la Sal. It is almost square, is 10 meters high and dates back to the 13th century.

Santa Maria de Ribera tower

This medieval tower is now the bell tower of Santa Maria de Ribera de Cardós church, in Cardós Valley.

Escaló tower

This guard tower is located on top of the village of Escaló, at the gateway of Àneu Valley. From the top you can enjoy a nice view of the valley, its surroundings and the closed town of Escaló.

Espot tower

This well-preserved circular guard tower is located in the upper part of the village of Espot. It’s 13.5 meters high and its diameter is 7 meters. A perfect place to enjoy great views of the village and its surroundings.