Food fairs, workshops, showrooms…

Pallars Sobirà is a gourmet region. This is the reason why several food fairs, gastronomic activities, tasting sessions, popular feasts and cooking workshops are held all year round in order to enjoy and promote Pallars gastronomy.

The region hosts a cooking site called “El LEADER gastronomic” where you can go for a series of workshops, classes and workdays aimed at both professionals and non-professionals. Apart from that, Associació Gastronòmica La Xicoia intends to promote all the charms and characteristics of Pallars Sobirà cuisine.

Calderada popular (Popular stew)

The Calderada is a popular traditional lunch held at Carnival that gathers all the inhabitants of the village as well as all the visitors who want to take part. The menu consists of a winter broth made with meat and vegetables, called escudella, cooked in a cauldron, and the farcit de carnaval, typical cold meat made of parts of the pork, eggs, rice, bread, raisins…

Esterri d’Àneu, Gerri de la sal, Llavorsí, Rialp i Sort
Carnival days

Pyrenean beef and foal tasting

During Santa Teresa Fair of Esterri d’Àneu, you can enjoy tasting sessions of beef from the Catalan Pyrenees and of foal farmed in Pallars Sobirà.

Esterri d’Àneu

FEMAP Gastrofilm

During the Ancient Music Festival of the Pyrenees (FEMAP) the Gastrofilm session allows you to taste handmade products from Pallars Sobirà such as wines, cold meats, cheese, biscuits and beer. Each producer pairs the tasting session with some explanations on his/her products and with the projection of a documentary.


Beer Festival

Festival aimed at exhibiting, selling and tasting handmade beers. A real must for beer lovers!

Esterri d’Àneu

Autumn Fair

Sort’s Autumn Fair is one of the most important events in the region. It gathers many shops, associations and particulars who show their products (food and others) and allows you to taste Xisqueta lamb meat, handmade beers, and many other delicatessens. In June, at the beginning of summer, you can also go for a workshop on ratafia and learn it all about the making process of Pallars’s most charismatic liqueur. During the fair, in autumn, there is also a contest on desserts made with ratafia.

June (workshop on ratafia making process)
November (Fair)

International Cheese Fair

Una fira que reuneix formatgeries d’arreu del món. Oportunitat de tastar els seus productes o participar en un taller de munyir cabres. Exposició d’eines relacionades amb la fabricació de formatges i altres artesanies.

Between July and August

Catalan handmade cheese Fair

This fair gathers cheese factories from all over the world which allow you to taste their products or to learn to milk a goat! The fair also hosts an exhibition of cheese tools and others craft stalls.


High mountain wine and cheese tasting

In winter, Espot and Port Ainé ski resorts organize some wine and cheese tastings at 2,000 metres above sea level to promote local products among the skiers.

Espot Esquí and Port Ainé ski resorts
Winter season