Taste the most traditional cuisine

If you like good food and come to Pallars Sobirà, you must definitely taste the most typical dishes of Pallars gastronomy. Most of them are based on a mountain diet made of basic seasonal products. As Pallars Sobirà used to be an isolated region, its gastronomy was limited to the food that was produced in the region.

Meat and cheese are the flagship products of Pallars gastronomy. As Pallars Sobirà has traditionally been a farming region, many dishes include meat, mainly lamb, pork, foal and beef. Come to the restaurants of Pallars Sobirà and taste the most traditional dishes. You’ll love them!

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Girella is one of the flagship dishes of Pallars cuisine. Although this laborious cold meat is very typical in local festivals, you can find it at butcheries and restaurants of the region. It is made with the lamb’s stomach and guts, lard, eggs, rice, breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. A mountain delicacy any gourmet will love!


In Pallars, whether made of goat, sheep or cow milk, cheese is present usually on every single table. However, tupí, made of sheep milk and grain alcohol, is one of the most typical ones. Its creamy texture, intense taste and strong smell will definitely amaze the palate of cheese lovers.

Fairy ring mushrooms risotto

Fairy ring mushrooms risotto is the most famous rice dish of Pallars cuisine. Carreretes (called moixernons out of Pallars) are seasonal mushrooms that provide a singular taste which, together with other ingredients (beans, marinades, onions, live oil) make this recipe a real delight.


Vianda is a kind of escudella (winter broth) that is typical in Pallars. It is made of chicken, pork, black sausage, bacon, vermicelli, cabbage, potatoes, beans and pears. It is ideal in winter, to fight off the cold, and is typical on Carnival days, at the popular Calderadas.


Palpís is a typical dish from Pallars made with leg of lamb, bacon, onions, leek and carrots. Unlike other dishes made with leg of lamb, palpís is cooked in a pot instead of in the oven. The result is both surprising and delicious. The best way to eat lamb in Pallars Sobirà, definitely!