Amazing spots

Would you like to discover the most unknown and hidden places in Pallars Sobirà? Nature is singular all over the region and offers you a wide range of landscapes. Apart from the protected areas of Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park and Alt Pirineu Natural Park, you will find many other amazing spots.

Pallars Sobirà hosts some natural treasures you can’t feel indifferent about: inhospitable mountains, peaceful lakes, valleys sprinkled with livestock … Put on you mountain shoes and go for all the natural gifts Pallars Sobirà offers you!

The 5 unmissable sites

Boumort natural reserve

Have you explored Boumort Reserve yet?

Time seems to have stopped in that dry and steep spot. Getting into Boumort is getting into an inhospitable area that hosts many wild animals that freely stroll through the remains of ancient troglodyte villages that will take you to ancestral times.


Would you like to feel inspired at the Argenteria?

Located in the heart of Collegats Canyon, the Argenteria is a wonderful rock wall that has been carved by water and whose singular twisted shapes inspired some artists such as Joan Maragall and Antoni Gaudí. In the cold season, when the water that glides on the wall gets frozen, a wonderful show of icicles begins.

Corts plain and Montcortès lake

Fancy getting away on Corts Plain?

Corts Plain is an area of wavy landscapes located between the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees, under the shape of the legendary mountain of the Sleeping Giant. That magic area hosts the peaceful waters of Montcortès Lake, which spring up from the underground and create a pleasant atmosphere of peace.

Àssua and Batlliu valleys

What about walking in a world of novels?

The vastness of the landscape and the greenness of the luxuriant grasslands have turned this place into a real inspiring paradise of shepherds’ tales and writers’ stories. Strolling through the paths of Àssua and Batlliu valleys is like travelling through literature.

Bonaigua pass

Have you taken a panoramic picture from the top of Bonaigua yet?

Located at 2,076 metres above sea level, Bonaigua pass is the unique walkway between Pallars Sobirà and Aran Valley. In winter, these extensive high mountain grasslands are totally covered with snow. It is an excellent lookout that allows you to admire both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean slopes of the Pyrenees as well as their contrasted landscapes.